Foto de presentación de Sevilla Seamróga

From left to right: Patrick Doherty, Éire Óg Seville Captain with the Shamrock’s goalkeeper jersey. Alberto Pérez, Pádraig Costello and Cristina Rodriguez, ladies team captain.

Seville Seamróga, a new project for developing GAA in Seville by the city’s current team Éire Óg, has officially launched.

Speaking at the Escape and Play Hurling Tournament last week in San Jerónimo, Alberto Pérez, captain of the brand new squad, said the main objective for the coming season is to “bring Gaelic football to locals and for those keen to join at a beginner’s level”, adding that the club hopes to take advantage thanks to a growing interest in the sport in the city due to social media and word of mouth.

Asked if the Seamróga were going to be a different team from Éire Óg, the Seamróga captain said that although they have different shirts and names, both Éire Óg and Shamrocks remain the same club that trains together, with the latter serving as a developmental squad for those new and inexperienced to the sport. Pérez went on to say that through bilingual training sessions with the senior team, it would serve as a great opportunity to learn and improve.

Proudly sponsoring the Seamróga jersey this season will be Tailored Language, a local translating service dedicated to translation, editing and professional writing. With the jersey making its debut this coming Saturday 18 November, Pádraig Costello, director of Tailored Language and member of Éire Óg, is very much looking forward to seeing what the project can achieve this season.

For the design of the jersey, a dark red colour has been chosen with a clover and ball decorating the left side. “We think it’s simple and suits our style”, joked Alberto upon unveiling the jersey. Another detail can be found on the crest, which reads, “Irlandalusians go bragh!” a play on words of the popular “Erin go bragh” phrase meaning “Ireland forever!”

On choosing the phrase, Alberto said “it is an historical expression, which we wanted to combine with something of our own to reflect the recent cultural unions of both nations thanks to this sport.”

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